“The Scene” A Concept Case Study

Project Summary

According to reliable sources, “The United States is by far the world’s largest paid product placement market”. Product Brand Marketers create paid placement advertising over television, film, magazines, the internet, video games, music videos, and much more. Social media influencers and celebrities play a massive role when it comes to modern-day product placement. This case study hypothesized that television viewers would be more likely to purchase a product seen through product placement in television shows or movies in a commercial advertisement. Moreover, it was also hypothesized that viewers would be more influenced to buy a product if they saw a favorite television character interacting or promoting a product. The primary goal of this project is to demonstrate the effectiveness of product placement in entertainment by creating a seamless shopping experience that melds the two together under one platform.

Scope of Work

The scope of work started with research findings based on Business Models, Competitive and Comparative Analysis, and user interviews of television viewers. We conducted Affinity Mapping to help us make sense of what our target user needs, their opinions, insights, and pain points. We synthesized all findings and prioritized all user's needs through Moscow Mapping and Prioritization Matrix. We sketch our first low-fi concept in a design studio and then bring our concept into Mid-Fi. After the first round of Usability Testing, we then created our Hi-fi prototype.


Netflix Inc. is a media service provider and production company. The primary business is a subscription-based streaming service that offers online streaming of a large library of films and tv programs. Partnering with Netflix, linking with their database, and with the power of AI, would allow us to customize our results to the end-user.



  • Users prefer websites that enable convenience in everyday life
  • Users are impacted by the entertainment industry
  • Users enjoy exclusive streaming content
Low-fi Sketch

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